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idols, even if they have been stabbed in the back, can only look forward at their fans, they cannot look behind. even if their backs have been badly scarred and mutilated, they definitely cannot look back. because once they look back, the fans in front of them will see the wounds. they will worry, and they will cry.

Lee Hyukjae (via hylammiex)

[INTERVIEW] Heechul Mentions Super Junior's Teamwork

Kim Heechul: How do the members of BESTie fight with each other?

Haeryung: We don’t fight.

Kim Heechul: If you guys don’t fight, there might be big problems in the future.

Haeryung: Instead of fighting, when we feel disappointed about something, we talk about it. We have time once a…

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What a beautiful wedding

What a beautiful wedding, says a bridesmaid to a waiter

And yes, but what a shame

What a shame the poor best man is in love with the groom

Do you mean the entire plot to K.Will’s Please Don’t



how dare you

this was uncalled for

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